In today's credit crisis, many of us feel as though we might lose the American Dream, home ownership.  We might be forced to sell our home or inevitably lose our home to foreclosure.

Now Loan Modification are a great tool to help homeowners out.  A loan modification provides a financial solution worked out between the homeowner and the current investor.  But Loan modifications are difficult to achieve.  You see ultimately, most homeowners will never be able to communicate with the end investor.  So most homeowners will stress day and night for months only to find out that they will still  be denied a loan modification.  Even if they do approve you for that 3.5% interest rate, you will still owe all of the negative loan balance.  What do homeowners do when they have nowhere else to turn. 

Fortunately for today's homeowners, we have the program available to overcome all of those obstacles.  The Keystone to our entire program is who we approach.  Most homeowners have approached loss mitigation, customer service, or collections in hopes to achieve a solution to their financial hardships.

As you have all probably experienced, nothing ever gets achieved by speaking with these departments, because they never communicate, so nothing ever gets done properly.

We differ in the fact that we approach Wealth/Asset Management.  This allows us to package up notes to make a note acquisition at a very reasonable price.

Once the notes are secured, we will refinance the note to the homeowner at 90% of current market value.  Without any repercussions.  So you will get all of the negative equity reduce, receive 10% instant equity, a lower monthly payment, and a 30year fixed rate mortgage.  The best part is, you will be considered regardless of your credit.